Cheap FIFA 14 Coins update available

The football title this coming year, Fifa 14 Coins  has brought a whole new update for the following-gen consoles PS4 from Sony.

The update weighs 121 MB and concerns, in particular, and above all, the members in Ultimate Team mode. To explain what makes this update, comes the official statement from EA Sports , which states:
The update for PS4 for your players of Ultimate Team. Should fix what is happening into a users which includes been unfairly assigned a defeat or perhaps a victory. Additionally , it fixes a bug related to forfeiture in case of decrease of connection during a match FUT.

Needless to say we’re curious to check this promise along with your help: contact us if, following upgrade, note some differences than before.

FIFA 14 premiered for the following-gen consoles since a full day one. From here ninety days also expect news within the forthcoming while.

alternatively front, rumors would see PES 2015 become a selective title to the fifa 14 coins PS4 console.

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