Cavs’ Smith shows more defensive commitment in this NBA games

NBA 2K17 Coins — Anyone who thinks J.R. Smith is one of those NBA players whose idea of defense is taking the ball out of the net after his opponent scores hasn’t been paying attention.That might have been Smith’s reputation earlier in his career. But that’s not how he has approached his craft for at least several … uh, months? Weeks?

“I used to be a guy who, my pride in my work was pretty much on how I shot the ball,” the Cleveland Cavaliers’ shooting guard said. “I try not to be that person anymore. Not let, whether I make a shot or miss a shot, define what I can do on a court. I try to start energy and then bring everything else on the defensive side and let my defense turn into transition offense.”

NBA 2K17 Coins

NBA 2K17 Coins

Smith, 30, is wrapping up his 12th NBA season, so this most definitely falls into
the old dog/new trick category. The obvious question, then, was: Why now?
“My daughter, actually,” Smith said, referring to 7-year-old Demi Smith, around
whose little finger pop apparently is wrapped.

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