Calpheon is one of the oldest kingdoms of the black desert

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Calpheon is one of the oldest kingdoms of the Great Continent. It is ruled by lord Eddric. This kingdom is not as big and rich as Valencia but is one of the major political forces. Unlike Valencia Kingdom that puts a lot of efforts into science and scientific discoveries, Calpheon pays a lot of attention to trading and building strong army. These factors allow Calpheon to participate in political life and to be a rather strong force.

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Any merchant from the western part of Great Continent is proud to work with merchants from Calpheon. Moreover, Calpheon merchants control all big deals and it’s impossible to make a big deal without their permission. These merchants are the most powerful members of the Council that was created to limit power of monarch. Council is responsible for controlling economic and political life of the kingdom. Lord Eddric didn’t pay a lot of attention to this. He was grown by a warrior and that’s why he likes warfare.

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