Buy Fifa 14 Coins: Overlooked January Upgrades Who’ll Enhance your Squad
EA Sports recently released an all-inclusive directory January upgrades for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, improving many players’ stats after their excellent performances during the entire current season.

While everyone will appear toward like Luis Suarez, Paul Pogba and Adnan Januzaj to formulate their squads, a number of overlooked stars can also be worth your time and energy. You can check the total directory enhancements here, but let’s dive directly into those lesser names who will be worth an order.

All stats are provided by FIFA 14 Coins Pc . Make sure you click the player’s name to think about their complete rundown of numbers.
Overlooked January Upgrades Which will Boost your Squad

Vincent Enyeama, Lille
Now, you will discover four versions of Vincent Enyeama offered by enough time of writing. His excellent season has lauded two in-form items as well as the winter upgrade, which can be purchased in cheaper and slightly worse versus the Team each week variations.

All the same, his progression from 76 to 79 will aid any relevant squad. Costing around  with regards to the format, Enyeama can be a flamboyant keeper who often pulls off stunning saves. His reflexes are monstrous at 88, while his distribution also makes him an outstanding passer on the back.

There’s no need to spend copious amounts with a goalkeeper, no matter the squad, so pick Enyeama’s upgrade if he suits your chemistry.

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