Buy Fifa 14 Coins GUIDE – Tips on how to SCORE PENALTIES

Penalties can be a pain in Buy Fifa 14 Coins . Surprisingly difficult, and arguably safer to score in the real world, it could possibly experience like a gambling game.

Sportra has collected some tricks and tips to assist you to become as cool as Balotelli when taking on goalies from 12 yards.

Before learning some tips, it’s crucial to have in mind the basics of penalties in FIFA 14. You’ll find three basic steps to taking a penalty. The vital thing you ought to do is have the timing close to the ‘composure bar’. This bar will affect your player’s chance to take a definative kick.

You are aiming to stop the white line in the center (the greenest section). Landing in debt zones may cause him to fall over and sky the FIFA 14 Coins Xbox horrifically high and wide, bringing shame to you you. Around the next-gen versions in the game, the white bar moves a little faster, so invest some time.

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