Battledance III Materia:They’re 30-50k today but tend to WildStar Gold

When you have old tank quest gear from WildStar Gold , try converting it and seeing if you possibly could get some.

You can try and farm this yourself while running Castrum (in order to double dip efficiency and in addition make tokens) by wearing some 45+ DoW gear (preferably parry/tank gear for just a better drop rate) or get a spot with densely packed mid-level mobs and go to town.

You will get spiritbond for kills not experience, so weaker mobs you possibly can kill fast work well too.

I really believe there exists a couple additional mats with the crafting with the base item using the axe head, but those are pennies when compared with the top ticket items (the axe head & materia). For anyone who WildStar Gold For Sale  is patient if you can usually hire a roofer to also craft/meld for tips that may save some additional money.


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