Arjen Robben (Netherlands) -FIFA 14 Coins Xbox

The dominance of Bavaria continues with Arjen Robben. It convinces with 93 dribbling, 93 acres, 92 agility, 91 balance, 91 sprint speed and 89 long FIFA 14 Coins Xbox .

Players that achieve both goals which enables it to direct the experience can be extremely essential in FIFA 14 – Robben and dominated both effortlessly.

Marco Reus (Germany) – Borussia Dortmund – LM

Reus can be among those players who exactly like to possess many clubs on her left side to address. With FIFA 14 Coins Pc agility and 89 Long shots goes into physical terms is actually danger from him.

And because of 87 Dribbling, 87 positional play, 86 degree, 86 reaction and 85 shot power he’ll, as much outstanding midfielder, prepare not simply goals but additionally be.

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