3-for-2 RuneScape Membership and Free to RuneFest 2017

Using the upcoming of RuneScape Menaphos, besides the live RuneScape DXP there are so many boons waiting for a person, such as 3-for-2 membership as well as free road to RuneFest 2017. Are you the fortunate dogs to enjoy them? Consider you read all the details as well as prepare Runescape 3 Gold cheap.

What is 3-for-2 membership?

Right now there is a great a regular membership package “the Menaphos Summer time Special”, with which you can take pleasure in 3-month membership with just the price for two when you sign up for RuneScape.

You can pay for the actual package with various methods, for example PayPal, credit card, or pre-paid game cards etc ., and you also even can use in-game Provides to buy it.

But you will never be able to see the package — Menaphos Summer Special for those who have a loyalty rate on your own account. That means you have recently been on a discounted rate, and you also can’t buy the package.

RS01How could you get to RuneFest 2017 free of charge?

If you are lucky enough, you can get a good all-expenses-paid trip, what is more, the actual trip is for two individuals. That means you and your buddy can enjoy flights, accommodation, Before RuneFest and RuneFest time passes for free. But keep in mind there are only three all-expenses-paid trips.

Do you want to be the fortunate one? Please disentangle the actual fabled story of the Golden Route. For now there is only one idea offered by Jagex, which is: turn to the negatives to find the good. Consider it nothing, everything: Menaphos – ageless, the unlimited city.

Besides the trip mentioned previously, anyone can get a Menaphos-themed prize when you conquer the task.

In case someone has no desire for RuneFest 2017, he great friend can get RuneScape long term membership.

Even if the RuneScape Menaphos has not come yet, the street to Menaphos is full of fascinating surprise. And don’t miss to prepare RS gold inexpensive on the cheaprsgold store.

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